Our Mission

At Schoolhouse Earth, our mission is simply this:

To bolster education where ever we see a gap.

One obvious place where a gap exists in education is in a community fresh in the aftermath of a disaster, whether natural or man made. Such communities have little or no infrastructure for school to continue for their young people. In addition, there is intense demand for other educational objectives such as new volunteer orientation and training, and relief effort education.


Rapid Response Learning Centers are an answer to some of this very predictable need. Each kit can be assembled in less than 4 hours and be ready for use as a popup classroom.

Workshop Production Stills

Another predictable need is that of creating an adaptive workforce ready to compete a globally competitive and highly technical marketplace. Using techniques that have proven effective in technical training for decades now, and those developed in a mobile, fast paced workplace, the Gold Star Curriculum brings needed education now to a learning population ready for it.

To spread the word, and to empower others in doing so, Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs (SE Media Labs) is designed both to create media products, and to educate those who wish to learn how to do it for themselves.

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