Schoolhouse Earth offers workshops of several types. These range from one-time special events to series that take the amount of time equivalent to a university undergraduate semester.

The workshops fulfill one or more aims for Schoolhouse Earth. Some are low-cost open-enrollment and these are simply a chance for people to become familiar with Schoolhouse Earth and its work. These familiarization workshops typically have a simple and clear educational objective and allow participants to see other types of in-depth education that might serve them.

The other type of workshop delivers deep value and requires significant participant commitment. These tend to have higher tuition and entry requirements to reflect the value and commitment involved.

Workshops currently in existence:

Needs Rewrite:

  • Introduction to Python Programming (needs rewrite)
  • Intermediate Techniques in Python Programming  (needs rewrite)
  • QuickRez Builder’s Workshop

Needs Development

  • Introduction to Modeling with Google Sketchup  (needs development)
  • Introduction to Modeling with Google Earth  (needs development)
  • Soul of a Citizen (needs staffing and some development)
  • Family Emergency Readiness (needs staffing and development)

Other workshops are poised to be ready. Some negotiations are required.


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