Our Team

Schoolhouse Earth thrives in the care of many volunteers, contributors, and community leaders.

Our leadership team consists of:

Vincent Lowe

Vincent Lowe – Vincent is a career educator with nearly two decades of experience training and educating the technical workforce. He has written books and training courses, lectured publicly across the nation, and traveled the world in pursuit of a globally connected workforce. He loves Western movies, baseball, and filmmaking and vigorously engages in all three to the extent that his work allows it.

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Avis Beiden – Avis is an educator with a long career of successfully designing and delivering programs to educate corporate employees and customers. From her consulting work at The Corporate Gardner through her valuable tours at numerous Silicon Valley corporations during the dawn and resurgence of the Internet Age, Avis has had the opportunity to make a difference with both workforces and customers of companies that empower business and communication. Her twin obsessions with learning and cooking have led to her latest endeavor that has learners discover new horizons in culture, history, nutrition, and teamwork.

James Ogden – James is a co-founder of Schoolhouse Earth and brings a deep love for technology to the table. He is a founding partner in Roboticore — a Silicon Valley firm specializing in robotic vision systems. He has written numerous course for young people interested in robotics as well as children’s books that celebrate science and invention.

Kristen Ronberg – Kristen exhibits an energetic enthusiasm for the work of community filmmakers and artists. Her work as Operations Director of the 48 Hour Film Project is just a part of the commitment she provides to the work of the Media Labs division.

Ryan Keenan – Ryan is a passionate emerging filmmaker and he brings boundless energy and curiosity to the work of Schoolhouse Earth. He forms a vital part of the backbone for the team that produces the 48 Hour Film Project and its related events.


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