Speech Debate Broadcast Special

Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs is proud to partner with Mountain View High School Speech and Debate team, in association with Mid-Peninsula Media Center and CreaTV San Jose to create a broadcast special designed to stimulate participation by students and generate interest in the community among potential tournament judges.

The special will be filmed in June of 2012 and will feature top students from area speech and debate teams as well as interviews with adult graduates and community judges. The 1-hour special will be aired in early September in time to raise awareness of the competitive extracurricular activities. The timing is designed to precede the “Demo Day” weekend at schools that kicks off the year.

Mountain View High School boasts more than 100 students who participate in speech and debate tournaments in spite of the fact that no faculty member is assigned to coach the team, and the fact that there are no classes offered in debate or competitive speech.  In Santa Clara county, although there are nearly 100 high schools in total, fewer than 20 of them fielded a speech and debate team in the 2011-2012 school year.

In addition to focusing on the value that these programs provide to students who aspire to be the future business and community leaders in the next decade, this broadcast special will present a strong case for the critical contribution to all students’ ability to engage in critical thought and their ability to unravel rhetorical subterfuge.

We expect the special to be entertaining, informative, brisk and eye-opening.

Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs will call upon experienced local producers from the Mountain View/Palo Alto community as well as those from San Jose and Los Gatos/Campbell to create the special. It is currently slated to air during the first week of September on cable channels throughout Santa Clara County. SE Media Labs is currently seeking volunteers to participate in the production of this special.


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