The Actors Sandbox: San Francisco Edition

The Actors’ Sandbox is a long-running workshop series that gives actors a chance to show off their skills and it gives independent producers a chance to observe and meet actors in person outside the formality of a casting call or an audition.

The Actors’ Sandbox: San Francisco Edition
Sunday, May 20th 5-8pm
(Bay Area Location) Meets The Eye Studio, 939 Terminal Way, San Carlos CA
(Virtual Space Location) Soundstage 1, Running Lady Studios

The workshop coincides with the team building phase of the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project for 2012. Team leaders and independent filmmakers will be in attendance to see who shows up and to meet potential team members. Actors from around the Bay Area as well as voice actors from around the world will sign up to participate and to exhibit their skills.

In addition to the traditional setups that give actors a chance to exhibit their acting ability, the event will feature participation in virtual space by actors logged in to Second Life, some of whom attend the workshop every Wednesday from Soundstage 1 at Running Lady Studios.

The model for the workshop is a simple one. Actors who are signed up to participate and who are selected will introduce themselves and read a monologue chosen from those provided in the workshop materials. Facilitators will keep time, moderate the workshop flow, and provide the participants with feedback and notes.

This edition of the workshop includes time at the beginning and at the end for the participants and observers to meet and exchange contact information.


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