SE Media Labs brings American Occupy to San Jose

Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs is proud to announce partnership with CreaTV San Jose to broadcast a new philosophy course from Purdue University focused on the American Occupy Movement. The first program in the series will air on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 3pm and will be re-broadcast on Wed, Mar 21 at 9pm.

Led by Professor Clark Butler, the course faced challenges on its way to being authorized and accredited as part of the curriculum at Purdue University – Fort Wayne. Now it is fully underway and although the course can be viewed online, this is the first time that broadcast audiences in the Silicon Valley will have a chance to view the course on television.

In San Jose and Campbell, Comcast cable audiences will see the program on College Channel 27 beginning on Tuesday March 20th at 3pm.

This program marks the first in a series of locally produced and broadcast content in the Silicon Valley market designed to expand education and learning opportunities within the community.

Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs’ mandate is global, but this effort provides an opportunity for the organization to establish the practices required to bring programming to wider audiences.


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