The Actors’ Sandbox: Special Edition

Schoolhouse EarthSuzy’s Super Cast & Crew, and TMUnderground are proud to announce a very special edition of The Actors’ Sandbox.This workshop for voice actors and machinima actors allows participants a chance to show off their skills and work with the creators of new media projects in production. We hold the event weekly in Second Life on Wednesday alternating between 3pm and 6pm Pacific Time.

Today (Wed, Mar 7th) the workshop will occur at a special time and “place.”

The mixed-reality special edition will happen both in San Jose (at South First Billiards) and at the regular weekly Second Life location (Running Lady Studios Soundstage 1). To facilitate real world logistics, the event will start at 7pm.
The entire event will be streamed live on Schoolhouse Earth TV ( and will incorporate a live musical performance, acting performances from both the live and the Second Life location, and feedback from our workshop facilitators to actors on both sides of the virtual world rift.
The event begins at 7pm with a short performance by Lani Grooves, a Silicon Valley musician, then at 7:30pm the workshop will begin using its traditional format. At 9pm the workshop will conclude and after a break, Lani will return the band to play a full set for audiences in the live venue and on the stream.
We hope you’ll join us for this very special milestone in the unfolding story of The Actors’ Sandbox.

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