Welcome to Schoolhouse Earth

Founded in 2006, Schoolhouse Earth is tasked with providing education where ever there is a gap.

This is done through our Gold Star Curriculum, the Rapid Response Learning Center, and through Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs. Each of these programs is designed to offer something to the community in the realm of education, and to have the providers thrive as a result of their efforts. Everybody wins!

Gold Star Curriculum programs include workshops like our Quick Draw Artists Workshop, our Power Up Python Programming courses, and The Actors’ Sandbox. These workshops are offered on a low-cost or no-cost basis in communities that find value in their content.

The Rapid Response Learning Center is a system (equipment and infrastructure) that can be shipped and deployed in disaster relief areas to provide a classroom environment quickly and flexibly. The system is designed to support traditional classroom instruction as well as ad-hoc training — for example that needed to empower emergency volunteer workers.

Schoolhouse Earth Media Labs is a division that creates short films and videos designed to deliver instruction in the format that is most readily accessible to the mobile connected learner. Series such as How Far Jafar teach young learners in unforgettable and natural ways, and broadcast specials such as the Filmmakers/Educators Roundtable present information and insight that empower communities to step forward and take direct responsibility for education.


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